Automatic Vulnerability Patching

ZeroPath works out-of-the-box or integrates with your existing SAST tools to verify & remediate your vulnerabilities.

No credit card required. You can also reach out via email ↗ , message us on discord ↗ , or book a meeting ↗ with us to learn more.

Built by the team that helped secure these companies.

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Discover Vulnerabilities

ZeroPath takes care of setting up and running security tools for you. Enable scheduled & PR scans in seconds.

ZeroPath Patching
ZeroPath Patching

Almost Zero False Positives

Link your existing SAST & reduce noise. Our techniques filter ~95% of false positives.

Patch, Automatically

ZeroPath remediates vulnerabilities automatically. Simply approve ZeroPath's PRs to apply the patch.

ZeroPath Patching
ZeroPath AI Interaction

Ask for changes

Ask @zeropath-ai for edits directly in PR comments.

Connect Existing SAST

Avoid SAST vendor lock-in with ZeroPath Connect. Automatically validate and fix issues from existing SAST tooling.

ZeroPath Patching